Sewer Repair

There is no plumbing problem more serious than a backed up sewer line. Call On Point for a swift solution.

Sewer line clogs are a danger to your family’s health and safety. They’re distressing and embarrassing. Your home just can’t function when your sewer lines are broken, clogged, or backed up.

We handle all of your sewer line needs, from repairing cracked or broken pipes to replacing corroded pipes. We can handle any sewer blockage and fix leaky sewer lines.

If you’ve got soggy spots in your yard, open sewage in your bathtub, or are smelling sewage in your house, call us for an immediate fix.

Why On Point?

Experience the benefits of working with experienced, detail-oriented professionals.

Top Notch Equipment

Tools make a huge difference when you put them into the hands of the proper professionals. We invest in top-notch tools so that it takes far less time to resolve your sewer stoppage or problem.

Backed by Warranty Guarantees

We have some of the strongest labor warranties in the business. If we don’t get the job done right, you get the tools to hold us accountable.

Speedy Solutions

We know you can’t afford to wait when your sewer lines are malfunctioning. That’s why we move fast, without compromising on the workmanship of your repair.

What We Offer

Keep debris out of your pipes and sewer lines and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbing problems are about to become past problems.

Sewer Stoppage services we provide:

Unclogging of Main Sewer Line

Mainline Rerouting

Post-Repair Drainage

Houston's Choice for Sewer Repair Services

If you want to work with the most experienced plumbing experts in the Houston metro area, just call us. We'll solve your problem and we'll make it cost-effective and painless. Our professional, courteous techs are here for you!

A sewer stoppage is a plumbing emergency. Get the help you need today.